Updating the webpages on your BC site

Now that your website is live, it is highly recommended that you regularly add new content to your webpages and update them.

Logging in to the back end of your Adobe BC website to update web pages

If you received an email from us, then that email address used is also the email address for your log in to the back end of your website.

1. Open up a web browser and put in the URL of your website. eg: xxxx.com.au or xxxxx.com

2. It is recommended that you use Firefox when working in the back end of your BC website

2. Put a slash and the word admin after it. eg: xxxx.com.au/admin or xxxxx.com/admin

3. A screen will come up looking like this:

4. If you remember your password and login details, then do log in. If not, please put your email address in the top field and then click on Lost your password? You will soon get an email with a link in it. (If you don't get this email within about 10 minutes, do give us a call) Click on the link and set your new password, and then log in.

5. Once you are logged in to the back end of your website, Go to Site Manager, and then select Pages.

6. Go through the pages on your site, and edit and update what is required. Keep an eye especially on your Contact and About Us pages so that your site always is correct and does not present wrong information to potential clients.

Once you open up a page you will be able to edit the page using the handy Page Content area.

7. Edit your webpage and once you are happy with it, hit the update button. You can preview the page before updating it. Once you hit the update button, the changes to the page will be live on your website.

DO NOT HIT THE DELETE BUTTON! If you do, however, your website is backed up regularly to a dedicated dropbox account, so call us immediately to rectify the situation.

8. Don't forget to put a page description in the SEO Metadata area. This will help Google to index your website better.

To find out more about editing your webpages with better SEO in mind have a look at this webpage: Your website SEO - an update

If you need help with any of the above items, or wish to change your website template or menu items, please contact us.

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