Adding a Blog to your Adobe BC website

It is still possible to add a blog to your Adobe Business Catalyst website until 2021

If you wish you can have a blog on your Adobe BC website. This feature can be incorporated into your website at any time. You do need to have a hosting level of webMarketing or higher on your Adobe BC website.

To check if you have this level of hosting log in to the back end of your website. (Click here for a reminder on how to log in.)

Once you are logged in to the back end of your website, look in the Modules area in the left menu to see if the Blogs section is available.

If you do not have this feature and you would like to add it, please contact us to discuss upgrading your hosting to add this feature to your website.

Setting up a blog on your website requires a certain amount of knowledge of the Adobe BC system, so you will probably need our help to one started, and to decide whether to do it on Business Catalyst or elsewhere. 

Adding a blog might mean that it is time to move your Business Catalyst website

We have other web solutions apart from Adobe Business Catalyst, and the need to put a blog on your website could mean that it is now a good time to move your Adobe BC website elsewhere.

It is also possible to insert a feed from your business Facebook page into a page on your website and use that as your blog page.

Having a blog on your website and adding regular entries adds new content and information to your website and is good for your SEO.

What's next?

If you are thinking of adding a blog to your website please contact us to discuss your options.

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