Running email campaigns from your Adobe BC website

An email campaign to your clients is a good way to:

  • increase sales
  • keep in touch with clients
  • share information, updates and news with clients

Running an email campaign to your client from your Adobe BC website is an easy process.

First you need to check if you have the hosting level on your Adobe BC website to run email campaigns.

Do do this, log in to the back end of your website. (Here is a page showing you how to log in.)

If you have an option in the left hand menu called E-Mail Marketing, then you are good to go.

If not, please contact us to discuss upgrading your website to add this feature.

Setting up your mailing list

Firstly you need to set up your mailing list.

To do this you go to the E-mail Marketing section and select Mailing Lists.

You may already have a mailing list set up. If not, you need to create one.

You can manually add subscribers to your new or existing mailing list. Or you can import your client email list using a spreadsheet in csv format.

If you are doing an import make sure you download the import template and set up your list of clients in this spreadsheet for the upload.

Setting up an email campaign

Next, you need to set up an email campaign. 

To do this go to E-mail Marketing and select E-mail Campaigns.

Select Add Email Campaign to start a new campaign.

Step through the stages of the email campaign set up as follows:

1. Set up the details of the mailout including the name of the email campaign and when it is going to be sent.

2. Select which client email list is going to receive the email.

3. We recommend that you choose the blank template. Many email programs have rules restricting display of an email with images in it.

4. Type up the content of your email and what offer or information you want to tell your clients about.

Preview and send your email campaign


There are a few things that you need to know about the last step of previewing your email campaign.

1. The first time that you send an email campaign you will need to validate the email address sending the campaign(your login email address). This is a security measure in BC to stop spam. You will see a message saying that you need to validate your email address. Once you have done this you will never get that message again.

2. Do send a test email. It will go to the email address that you use to log in to the back end of your site.

3. When you are ready to send the campaign select Send Campaign. Keep in mind that BC as an anti-spam measure the email is vetted before deliver and it will not go out until 24 hours AFTER you select Send Campaign.


Setting up an email series

If you want to create an email series, to send regular updates to your clients, you need to have an existing email campaign set up. Then right click on the name of the email campaign and select Follow up email to create the next email in the series.


Monitor the results of your email campaign

Adobe BC also has great inbuilt reporting that will let you know how many clients opened the email and whether any email addresses bounced.

Just go to the email campaign area and select the name of the sent email campaign.

What's next?

If you need help with any of the steps on this page, or need to upgrade your hosting level to have access to email campaigns please contact us.

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