Online shops on an Adobe BC website

One of the many features available on your Adobe BC web hosting is the ability to set up and customise an online shop.

Online shop features available are:
  • Adobe BC integrates with most online payment solutions including Paypal, Stripe and your bank's Merchant facility
  • Customisable small and large detail product layouts
  • The ability for customers to ask for quotes or to go ahead and make purchases
  • Secure online payment protocol
  • Comes with the Australia Post shipping prices. You can also set up other shipping regimes
  • The ability to issue gift vouchers for customers to apply to purchases
  • The ability to assign discount codes to customers to apply on checkout

It is possible to add online shops to your Adobe Business Catalyst website until March 2021 

However if you wish to do so, it could be a good trigger for moving your website to other hosting solutions that we now use for online shops.

Here are two examples of online shops websites that we have implemented. Both have responsive layouts and can be easily viewed on PC, phone and tablet.

Firstly The General Gift Store sells an eclectic selection of useful things:

The General Gift Store

This next website belongs to Stewart and Heaton and is used as a site to get quote requests from customers and does not show prices:

Stewart and Heaton online catalogue

What's next?

If you don't have an online shop and would like to set one up please contact us to discuss whether now is the time to move your Adobe Business Catalyst website elsewhere.


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