Backups of your Adobe BC website

As part of our customer care for our Adobe BC web clients we backup your website regularly.

Why backups?

Backups of your website are necessary for several reasons:

  • If your website is hacked, we can reinstate the pages and templates easily
  • If you need reports on customer lists, webapp items, or sales we can send you csv files of the data
  • It protects against other malicious attacks on your website
  • If you are editing your website and delete a webpage in error, we can quickly reinstate it

We use proprietary software to backup your website and this is done for all our clients at no extra charge.

Your Adobe Business Catalyst website will continue to be backed up until it is moved elsewhere

Rest assured, we have a belt and braces approach when it comes to backups for your Adobe website. Once it is moved to new hosting, we will use the new protocol there for your website backup.

What do I do if I have accidentally deleted something from my website?

Give us a call immediately and we can reinstate your webapp items, or web pages and images quickly. Note that the data will be around 1 week old, as our backup service is done weekly.

What's next?

If you need help with any of this or need to know more please contact us.


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