The Customer Relationship Management Area of your Adobe BC website

The Adobe BC platform offers a comprehensive Customer Relationship area.

This is not available on all hosting levels, so to check if it is available to you, log in to the back area of your website. If there is an option called CRM in the left hand menu it is available to you.

Here is an overview of the CRM area from the Adobe BC Knowledgebase:

Looking at Customer Cases and running Customised Reports

Once you are in the CRM area you can look at your clients and details of their interactions with you.

Here is a link to the Adobe BC Knowledgebase with more information on this:

Customer tasks, follow ups and meeting notes

You can also use the CRM to add tasks, notes and follow ups to customer records. This will produce a task list that you can assign to other staff with access to the back end of your website.

There is a great video on tasks and how to do this from BC Gurus.

You do need to get a login to the website to view the video, but it is worth doing. The BC Gurus website has a large number of free videos on BC you can view.

This one explains how to add Activities, tasks and Notes to a client record and add follow ups to an iCal record. (Remember you will need to create a login to look at this video.)

What's next?

If you need help with any of this or need to know more please contact us.

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