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Rangs Graphics is a highly experienced boutique graphics and web design company, based in Perth, Western Australia but with interstate and international reach.

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This website is dedicated to our Adobe Business Catalyst clients

In March 2018 Adobe announced that it is closing down its Business Catalyst platform in March 2021. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 that deadline has now been extended to 26th September, 2021: https://secure.worldsecuresystems.com/product-announcement

Rangs Graphics has been an Adobe Business Catalyst client since 2006, so we are sorry to see it go.

However web development is constantly evolving and we have found several other website solutions to replace Adobe Business Catalyst. We have formulated plans for moving our clients to other web solutions in an orderly way.

Some deadlines to keep in mind with the move away from Adobe Business Catalyst are:

  • sites will move to monthly billing from June 1st 2019. We are moving our client websites to monthly billing earlier, to give them more flexibility with their move to a new platform.
  • we will be making alternative arrangements if your emails were hosted with Business Catalyst. The changeover is seamless.
  • the Business Catalyst platform will close down in September 2021. We will make sure your website has been transferred elsewhere long before then.

Did you get an email about your account being closed down in 30 days?

On 24/10/2018 Adobe BC Engineers have triggered an automatic email to any email address which had a log in to a Adobe Business Catalyst website but now no longer has access.

This email looks like it has come from us, but it was actually generated by Adobe.

Here is the wording it uses:
"Your account will be deleted in 30 days.

Our records show that you haven't logged in to this account (*******@ .com.**) recently. Our system accounts are deleted after 4 years of inactivity. Upon deletion, you will lose access to your account and to the site it was associated with.

Should you still need the account, please sign in before 22 November 2018 at the following link: Your account is no longer associated with a site. Please contact support."

This email is being sent to anyone who ever had admin access to an Adobe BC website but who no longer has access to the site, or the site has been deleted. It does not mean that your email account is being shut down.

The Adobe Engineers' explanation is as follows:

When you delete a site from BC, it only deletes the site URL and the invoices and associated email addresses, however, it doesn't remove the Admin users from the system as one admin user could be associated with multiple sites.

For this reason, the Adobe BC Engineers are now removing those users who are registered with BC as an Admin but are not active in the BC system. 

In general this email will not require any action from you as it is not about that actual email account, but about the Adobe BC website that email once had access to. Make a note of the email address it has been sent to. If you are not using it to log in to your Adobe website you do not need to take any action.

If you are using that email to manage an existing Adobe BC website please log in to that website before 22nd November 2018 or you will lose access to it. If you are removed from a site and need to get Admin access back we can do this for you.

If you need more information or help please contact us.
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