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Rangs Graphics is a highly experienced boutique graphics and web design company, based in Perth, Western Australia but with interstate and international reach.

Our main website can be found here at rangsgraphics.com

This website is dedicated to our Adobe Business Catalyst clients

In March 2018 Adobe announced that it is closing down its Business Catalyst platform in March 2021.

Rangs Graphics has been an Adobe Business Catalyst client since 2006, so we are sorry to see it go.

However web development is constantly evolving and we have found several other website solutions to replace Adobe Business Catalyst. We have formulated plans for moving our clients to other web solutions in an orderly way.

Some deadlines to keep in mind with the move away from Adobe Business Catalyst are:

  •  sites will move to monthly billing from June 1st 2019. We are moving our client websites to monthly billing earlier, to give them more flexibility with their move to a new platform.
  • we will be making alternative arrangements if your emails were hosted with Business Catalyst. The changeover is seamless.
  • the Business Catalyst platform will close down in March 2021. We will make sure your website has been transferred elsewhere long before then.

Contact us now if you need to discuss this further with us.

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